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State : Puducherry
Dr. Abdul Kalam Nagaram.
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The opportunity behind you will not be available when you look out for it.

The investment made in plots will grow up like a tree.

A. Project Details:

Plot size 30' x 16'= 320 sqrt
Built up area= 320 sqrt
Land cost 320 x Rs 400/-= Rs 1,28,000
Building cost 320 x Rs 1,800/-= Rs 5,76,000
Electrical connection & Bore 160 feet deep= Rs 75,000
Septic tank and soak pit= Rs 75,000
Total Project Cost including land cost= Rs 8,54,000
(Rupees Eight lakhs and fifty four thousand only)

B. Construction Specification Details:

Structure details:

Foundation 6 feet depth

1'6" depth Plinth beam

11" depth Grade beam 7nos 16mm

Columm 9" x 9" 12mm, 4nos

Rings 8mm c/c 6 inch

Roof beam 16mm slap 10mm x 12mm - 2 way slab

Finishing details:

Teak wood Main door

Country wood frame and flush door inside

Toilet - 1 I.W.C + 1 E.W.C.

SS sink in Kitchen

Polished Granite slab for Kitchen counter

Wash basin 2 nos

Vitrified tiles 2' x 2'

Electrical wires kundan or equivalent with wooden box

Tap guru make or equivalent


Exterior Weather proof paint - Asian paint or equivalent

Interior Apex - Asian paint or equivalent

Main door with polish finish

Window and inside door - Enamel paint

Grill - Enamel paint

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